Elegant & Classy Bridal Boudoir Photography

May 25, 2020

Elegant & Classy Bridal Boudoir Photography


When it comes to wedding-planning priorities, booking the perfect wedding photographer is at the top of the list. From your engagement session to your first-look photos, there are a lot of opportunities to stand in front of the camera. But one that might not be on your radar? A bridal boudoir photography shoot.


Bridal boudoir photography in Greece. Girl posing in bed full of flowers in white lingeries. Bridal boudoir photographer in Greece. Woman posing with closed eyes wearing her classy underwear.


Bridal boudoir photography is not nude photography. In boudoir shoots, I focus around soft, delicate pieces of clothes that highlight the femininity and softness of a bride. Natural lighting and shade are used to create a flattering light that shows off your favorite parts of your body. Together we will design a boudoir shoot that matches your personality to create something unique. It’s a delicate form of photographing the bridal glow, the bliss, a celebration of being you. Getting your picture taken while posing in lingerie may seem intimidating, but with the right attitude, it can be a liberating experience! I always focus on sensitivity, soft colors and naturally beautiful scenes to make my brides love their bodies even more.


Elegant and classy bridal boudoir photography. Woman holding a white rose wearing her white lingerie. Wedding planning by think happy events planner  Elegant and classy bridal boudoir photography. Woman holding a white rose wearing her white lingerie. Wedding planning by think happy events planner


Celebrate your skin.

Everyone should try at least once to have a boudoir session. A boudoir shoot is a great way to celebrate yourself, to create some amazing photographs that reflect just how vivacious and incredible you are. Boudoir photography is a way to create memories you can look back to and see just how beautiful, confident, and sexy you were at this stage of your life.

A boudoir shoot is a celebration of your body so I don’t recommend any sort of extreme regimes beforehand. You are beautiful as you are. You can, however, do some preparation to look like the best version of yourself. A good skincare regime in the lead up to your shoot is the best way to feel confident – get into a habit of exfoliating and moisturizing your skin and a mani/pedi the day before your shoot will ensure you are looking polished to perfection.


Bridal boudoir photo session in the yard of kinsterna hotel. The beautiful Bride smells a white rose. The florist was Fevronia Luxury Concepts. Bride wears a Pink Robe. Bridal boudoir photography in Greece  Bridal boudoir wedding photographer Vasilis Kouroupis. Bride is wearing a pink robe smelling a white rose before her wedding at Kinsterna Hotel in monemvasia. Florist Fevronia Luxury Concepts


Feel empowered.

A bridal boudoir photography shoot is a great way to boost your self-confidence before your wedding. It will empower you to feel more confident in your skin—and that is invaluable! One of the most important reasons to organize a boudoir session is simply that you are enough, without changing anything. Nerves are completely normal and can even add to the excitement and anticipation of the day. Most women I work with have never been photographed in this way and nerves come from the fear of the unknown. If you’re feeling nervous then remember that it’s completely natural. I will be there to direct you every step of the way, in a way that will make you feel totally at ease and even empowered by the experience. Boudoir is a source of self-affirmation and female empowerment.


Bridal boudoir photography in Opore hotel in Nafplio. Erika kolani top model in Greece wearing her white lingerie and veil.   Bridal boudoir photography make up by Frantzeska Koukoula make up and hair artist.


 Lingerie shopping.

The weeks leading to a wedding can be stressful and having a photo session all to your self can be therapeutic Between securing the venue, caterer, band, and officiant, planning your wedding can be all-consuming. Sometimes a bride-to-be just needs a break. And what better way to spend some well-deserved downtime than lingerie shopping? Every photographer will shoot differently depending on their style. My style of bridal boudoir photography is very editorial and takes influence from designer lingerie brands and fashion magazines with a natural twist to make you feel pretty and celebrated. Before the shoot even takes place we will talk about what you want from the shoot, what parts of your body you like the most (and the least!). We will start with simple poses until you feel comfortable in front of the camera and we will create a variety of imagery to choose from.


Black and white bridal boudoir photographer Greece.   Woman smelling a white rose. Black and white bridal boudoir photography.


Great gift for your partner.

Boudoir photos are the perfect wedding gift to your other half. I always recommend shooting three different looks on the day for variety so be prepared to bring a minimum of 3 outfits/options. Many women opt to bring more than that so there is some choice on the day. You may want to bring your veil, garter, and wedding night lingerie to have some beautiful shots to commemorate the occasion. Viewing yourself from another perspective builds your self-esteem. I will experiment with soft fabrics, delicate flowers and natural light to bring the best out of every shape and curve resulting in editorial images to remind you of that being inlove is all you need to be beautiful.


bridal boudoir photoshoot in Kinsterna hotel In Monemvasia, Greece - Boudoir photographer Vasilis Kouroupis - The bride is under her Vail. Wedding planning by Dreams in style  Bridal boudoir wedding photography in Greece - Bride is close by the window under her Veil which is made by Anemomilou wedding dress designer - Boudoir photographer Vasilis Kouroupis. Wedding planning dreams in style

Comfortable in front of the camera.

A boudoir session really breaks that self-conscious barrier between a photographer and the bride. The more trust, the better the images are as a result. It’s a way to get comfortable with yourself and with me before your wedding day. But really, once we’ve done a boudoir session every bride gets so much more relaxed and ready for her wedding day photos. It’s a lovely way to take the edge of the wedding day stress and get some beautiful pictures to have and to hold!

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