Christmas Dinner in Our Home


What does it come to our minds when we hear “A Christmas dinner”? A family celebration? A time to lean back and relax? A reason to unplug and be present? Christmas time is this hybrid of time, half ours, half to share, it leaves us with so much to think and feel.

But what does a wedding photographer in Greece do on Christmas?

Dream, and take part in amazing Christmas photoshoots, of course, of what would the perfect Christmas Dinner look like, if it was dressed in red and green! So there it is, the most beautiful timeless green and red Christmas dinner inspiration shoot, one focused around the sentiments and building moments that will last a lifetime.

Focusing on what is really important: Emotion

Photography is all about emotion in my opinion. As a wedding photographer in Greece, I love every opportunity that has to do with people coming together to celebrate love and life. Family members, people that work together, friends – all these human relationships are to be celebrated, cherished forever! Being a wedding photographer, I get to see people get married, have children, photograph round bellies and first laughter, people that get their place on a Christmas table. Around the candles, the plates, the beautiful little details, life goes on. This is why my dear friend Chrsysoula, the lady behind Think Happy Events, came up with such a beautiful concept; to celebrate life and all its happy moments. It’s an ode to being together, staying united, valuing each other, while opening the door to the limitless joy that is life. It was a labor of love, beautifully brought to you by so many professionals that are also precious friends.

December is for staying close

December has a festive and sophisticated charm, A Christmas dinner is an excuse to meet up, celebrate, stay close. The food can be comforting, family-oriented, warm, filling. It has red wine, handmade pies like the ones our grandmother used to make, strong aromas, herbs, spices. Everything feels like a small party for the nearest and most important.

I love the greek island, traveling in the summer, capturing weddings on every corner of Greece, the special light, the sea. However, I tremendously enjoy Christmas time and the warm cozy atmosphere of staying inside on a cold December night, enjoying a warming dinner with friends, like the one presented here. Winter is lovely, a winter wedding is perfect, capturing the colder days is equally charming with summer. Wherever there’s love and cooperation, and sharing and taking care of each other is a place where I want to be.

I’m leaving you with the beautiful images of a day spent with friends and I’m hoping it brightens up your mood and gets you in the festive spirit!



Have a Happy and Merry Christmas and a joyful new year celebrating the people that mean the most to you! Cheers to life!


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