Elope in Greece: Why have an elopement in Santorini or any other Greek island!

October 2, 2020

Elopement in Santorini island, Greece

There is nothing as romantic as an elopement in Santorini. The island of love as they call it, Santorini is the “it” location for elopements for couples from all over the world. But why? Eloping is a wonderful way to skip the stressful planning of an event wedding! An elopement wedding can be as simple as just the couple at the courthouse, or it can include a few favorite people to share the day with. However, ( and always my favorite choice) each couple can choose a location that’s special to them!


Why choose an elopement wedding?

If you identify as an introvert, then certain aspects of a bigger wedding may feel particularly overwhelming to you. It forces you to engage in draining small talk with distant relatives and your parents’ friends and makes it difficult to find some much-needed alone time to recharge your battery and celebrate your wedding. Elopements, by definition, are intimate events, and introverts typically have the best time with smaller groups of people they deeply care about. Add this to the magnificent Santorini Vistas and you have the dream wedding!

Also, eloping is a great way for couples that not necessarily want to spend a lot of money on a traditional wedding they don’t love. Depleting your savings, or worse, going into debt right at the beginning of a marriage can put significant strain on an already fragile time of marriage. I particularly remember Maya and Nathan, they wanted to travel the world as opposed to spending all their savings to a wedding just to invite distant relatives they didn’t know. Sometimes, eloping in Santorini with a handful of friends is the perfect way to celebrate the start of your life together.


Reasons to have an Elopement in Santorini

Nowadays, eloping doesn’t just mean getting married at city hall. You can pretty much get married anywhere your heart desires and treat yourselves to a luxurious experience without worrying about a big wedding if that’s not something that you wholeheartedly want. Your family and friends may try to persuade you to have a wedding because that’s the “conventional” thing to do. But if the hassles associated with planning a big bash are a turn-off or the idea of saying your vows in front of a ton of people just doesn’t resonate with you two, then eloping might be the way to go.

Big, grand weddings are not ideal for every couple. If you’re a no-frills kind of couple who dreams about tying the knot in a no-fuss kind of way, an elopement could be the right move. It all comes to what you’re expecting from your wedding experience. When you picture your ideal wedding, do you see all of your friends and family there cheering you on as you tie the knot and partying alongside you on a big, bustling dance floor? Then congratulations! You would love a destination wedding in Greece with all the hustle and the tulle! However, if you imagine reciting your vows in a more private setting, followed by a quiet, candlelit dinner with just a handful of loved ones you might love an elopement in Santorini or in any other Greek island!



Whatever your reason for opting for a smaller more intimate wedding, Santorini would be the perfect location to do it. There is something for every wedding style and the locations to choose from are endless. Some of my favorites are: Remezzo Suites in Imerovigli, Dana Villas & Infinity Suites, Rocabella Hotel and Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites in Fira the town of Santorini island. Your wedding day should be appealing to you. Make sure you choose everything according to what you like and enjoy, even if that means hosting a small wedding of 10 people or simply you as a couple. It’s your day!



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