Have you chosen your wedding bouquet?

May 22, 2019

Wedding in kinsterna monemvasia in Greece


When a trick begins, it’s like a toe. Tip-toeing on a rope, which is like luck; and when the luck begins, it’s like a wedding, which is like love, which is like everything. But how your everything is, depends on what you choose. From time to time the love is like a sail and when the sail begins to alternate from tack to tack, it’s like a flowertail, and when the flowers fly, they are like a dream. And if that dream is yours, how you want it to be?

Wedding trends and taste in wedding are two different things, like a flower and cloud. Wedding trends, like clouds are moving swiftly so they fade, like a cornet curving to the invisible. Taste in wedding is different. Like a flower, it lasts so much longer than the trend, so much much longer, that it seems to last forever. The time to choose your wedding flower embellishments has arrived. Your wedding bouquet, table flower’s decoration and probably a flora arch or even a dozen of small ones are the three musketeers of your taste in wedding.

We would say that the perfect match would be both through taste and trends, but not through trends alone…

Well… which bridesmaid is going to marry first after the heroic catch?

All eyes on the wedding bouquet!

Flowers, emerging from the wild chaos in nature, are a true gem, slowly formed under the sunrays. Alike a sapphire of crystal peace, they are the slow hard jewel of trust on your wedding bouquet. Your bouquet is your jewel of fidelity. Most weddings happen to take place in summer so the color pallet is usually between the range of white, to powder rose up to velvet red. Of course, not them alone! Pinches of olive green surround those summery notes. Peonies, look like chubby roses, and are almost always found on brides’ bouquets. They touch that pallet of chromatism and are accompanied by emerald green leaves. In summer’s heat and mid-time of the wedding day, they are probably the safest choice. Then you play with colors!

What if one particular flower, arises both a cloud and a gem through its’ form?

A wedding bouquet made from orchids, combines the trending white and the tasty gold. Or even better, the cloudy white and the jewel’s gold. Do not worry! that pearly trend is not going to fade away like a common trend since it’s anchored by that golden dash in its’ center.

In rainy September, when leaves grow down to the dark the colors touch the velvet red or even the berry purple. Pansies, amaryllis and chrysanthemum inside those auburn notes are the first-rate pickup.

The bride’s fingers flicked away the pollen, that bloomed again on the tables!

Not caring if the table flower decorations match, is that tip-toeing on a rope… (which is like luck- we know – but how lucky can you be?) Stretched around the cups and plates, to portion out the stars and dates is easy. There are much more to do. Usually the colors of the flowers on the guest’s tables match that of the bride’s bouquet. Hmm.. you were aware of that, right? Well some are not. Yet a smart idea, appealing as well, is to select green leaves like the olive ones, or others with small pinches of white flowers like wild angelica. The result will be heavenly sick and elegant to the maximum.


A flower silent in the air, matching a surrounding like the Aegean Cycladic, is the white one.

Small cacti combine a luck-bringer present to your guests as well as a handy, heat resistant flower embellishment.

Coral, the color of 2019, is far more than the lips’ red, like a winter wedding is far more like a summer one… Winter wedding receptions happen to take place indoors, there purple pansies, pale yellow winterflowers, and velvet red roses are the top pick! However, remember that a mainstream white pallet can be turned to whatever color you wish with the proper lighting!

Love: Beginnings. First sight of her and after… under the wedding arch!

Not so usual in weddings, yet when vows and promises are heard, they do, frequently, below a flora arch. At that stage where so much desire streams, between you and your beloved one, every glance moving toward the union, nests back the flame into the heart. For such a passionate expression of love, the coral or marron complexion match both a potential island venue and a flattering intensity.

Those decorations are a summer issue. White, white and white! We do not disremember or ignore the green leaves. Here the chalky peonies and pearly orchids are the stamping in its stream!

Wandering from trends to personal taste, wedding flower choices definitely have some dos and don’ts. However, your final pick is the one to make those three main flower points, the sapphire cornet curve to the visible eternity and adoration of you and your guests!

So when you will choose to sail, the flowertail you are going to leave behind you, should be the dream in which those flowers fly… and if they fly it’s like the pollen you flick away from your fingers. Emerging from the bouquet, crossing the table, touching the arch’s sky!