At a bridal boudoir photoshoot in Kinsterna Hotel, beauty, all concentrating like rays, into one focus, kindled from above. A long, long kiss, a kiss of youth and love, where heart and soul and sense in concert move, in the pulse of that Bridal Boudoir PhotoShoot in Kinsterna! With a Tuscan aesthetic arising in that adorable resort in Monemvasia, Greece, the couple’s sensations had not spoken but they felt allured.

Boudoir session can be one of the most rewarding and empowering gifts you give yourself and your future husband! During the preparation of the bride that session usually takes place. Here, inside the lavish gardens, finding inspiration in her beauty, we set the sense with gorgeous floral installations, and since there is a rose in her fingers, there is nothing for her to do with her hands! Falling in the scent of the blossoms, the soundless whirr and whirl of earth-bound petals, like sycamore seeds on a current air, silent helicopters bringing light through her veil, a wedding gift the bride will save away, eternally. With and within the right light everything is extraordinary.

This is no ordinary act, not another simple wedding shoot held in June. This is the wind shaking the orange tree, the bell above the room-gate. The Boudoir outfits, vary and are like standing nude before the glass with the groom. A delicate robe, which notices the perfection, like her other half would, a softer, younger and loverier shape admiration of the bride which will leave that scent, forever.

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