Organic Wedding in Kalamata, Greece

“The universe conspired to bring us together”. The mindset of a journalist at Huffington Post, sometimes orders to think out of the box. Choosing Kalamata, to marry tour beloved one, someone could say it is not a common place to do so, in contrast to an American sense. The organic, virgin landscapes of Messinia, inspired Kiki and Dean, for a Greek destination wedding. Planning a wedding in Greece, introduces the traditional enduring values of the olive trees, the principles of one of the oldest jewellers in Athens, Zolotas, and the fresh salty scent of the sea shore at Akrotiri Venue. That night the bright and warm feelings, the sentimental fertility and the joy of their guests powdered the sky, as fireworks, highlighting the secret wishes they did, when a star did fall. “To me you are perfect. Marry me?”