Beauty, all concentrating like rays, into one focus, kindled from above, at this wedding in Kinsterna Hotel, Monemvasia. A long, long kiss, a kiss of youth and love, where heart and soul and sense in concert move, in the pulse of that editorial wedding shoot! With a Tuscan aesthetic arising through the main buildings of that adorable resort in Monemvasia, Greece, the couple’s sensations had not spoken but they felt allured.

Monemvasia, located in southern Greece is a romantic destination featuring a castle, picturesque cobblestone streets and a careless atmosphere – perfect for a wedding celebration if you ask me.

Their hexagon flower embellished arch, with green and white flowers, located inside the residence’s olive grove, shaped alike the bee’s nest, awaits to hear the promises and vows. The groom stands and she flies to him like a young bird, inside her fresh lacy wedding gown. Like swarming bees they clung, their hearts the flowers from whence the honey sprung. With earthy notes, the pearly jewelry combine the elements of nature, in which the newlywed choose to get married!

Reception’s table settlements in this wedding in Kinsterna hotel at Monemvasia, worshipped after medieval nature’s fashion. Clear crystals, golden cutlery, pearly candles and white golden outlined plates organized with exquisite aim of Dreams in Style, await for the guests to settle in, and share the joy. There beneath the flora dotted wooden arch, along with scents of parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and orange blossoms, their hearts felt as if never more to beat apart. The hanging bouquets, could hold the moment to be blind of smell. This is how such a wedding touches the soul.

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