Chelsea and Joshua’s elopement in Santorini Greece felt like a heartwarming story. When these two met knew from the start that it was meant to be.

They traveled all the way from the USA to have their elopement in Santorini Greece. Joshua and Chelsea chose Santorini Greece as their elopement place because they fell in love with a card postal Joshua found on his mother’s old notebook and knew that that was the place where he’d make Chelsea his wife. Luckily, Chelsea was onboard and some months later they tied the knot in one of the most beautiful islands on Earth! Romantic, right?

They chose to have an intimate wedding with just a handful of people, their nearest and dearest for the day, the ones who were there for them from the beginning. Chelsea and Joshua are two of the kindest people I know. They made me feel like a part of their family and I loved that I captured the wedding memories they will someday show their children.

Santorini Greece was the perfect location for them. The wedding took place in Above Blue Suites and was designed by Joanna Loukaki. Chelsea chose a lovely and breezy lacy wedding dress – perfect for the bright greek summer! The portraits on the rooftop of  Remezzo Villas and the dramatic stairs are real heirlooms I’m sure they’ll cherish forever! One of the greatest things about Santorini is the ever-changing scenery. We created such a beautiful gallery (plus, the sneakiest first look ever) for a couple whose love shines like a diamond.

I could go on and on for hours about how warm a love like Joshua and Chelsea’s is or how pretty is  their elopement in Santorini Greece, but I’ll leave the photos to do the honors. Keep in mind though that no matter the place or the location on the island, Santorini is a darling choice for an elopement. The sunset and the clear sky will undoubtedly create the most dynamic atmosphere for a wedding celebration – ideal to commemorate the start of a life as you want it!

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