A Delightful Mother's Day Celebration

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A Delightful Mother’s Day Celebration


Since I was 6 years old I knew how a mother’s day celebration was important. Years have gone by and a mother’s day for me is a day dedicated to saying thank you to our mothers for who they are, who they try to be, what they are learning to be with us along the way, something that can’t be taught only felt with the heart. Mother’s day is a day dedicated to the women who raised us, a day that rewards our mothers for their unconditional love.

I was always surrounded by strong women. My girlfriends, my colleagues, my family and women I knew or even met in this beautiful work that I do. However, my mother’s figure was always there to remind me how love felt and what having a home really meant. Celebrating mothers, celebrating their fierceness, the way they hug scary things away, how they always know what’s right or wrong; that’s the true meaning of a mother’s day celebration. I will never experience motherhood, I will always be a father ( and that’s something big for sure..but maybe I will speak about it some other time.. now it’s the time to praise our mums! ) . However, I will forever keep in my heart the love I have for my mother, the ways she always is there for me, the reason I exist. One day I hope to celebrate the mother of my children the same way. Because, no matter the age and gender, the decade or how things turned out, our mothers will forever be the first thing we saw in this world, the first love we received, the ones who cared for us, the reason we are who we are today.

When Iokasti from Mazi Events told me what she wanted to do for Mother’s day, I immediately said yes. And in the flower arrangements, the little sweets, the letters, and the table settings I could see my mother and how she’d deserve all of this and even more. So, even after all these years, every mother’s day I feel like I’m ten, running down the street with my father to buy my mother a huge bouquet of tulips to say “I love you” and “thank you”.

Love your mother. She knew who you were when you didn’t even have a clue. Love your mother because she gave up everything so you can exist. Even if she didn’t, she gave you something no one else will; life so you can live it.

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