Oh, do you hear the sound of the snow whispering? The hills were alive with wildflowers, above the enchanting wintery Lake Plastira. The small Switcherland in Greece, hosted the snowy fairytale scenery, for a dreamy winter wedding.

Icy blue and violaceous detailed wedding invitations, depictured and envisioned through their illustration, symbolisms which are related to values of love routes. Dreams in Style Wedding Planner, no matter what the season nears, still succeeds to create an inspiring and remarkable hearty setting. Wooden cathedras and plated crystals below the aethereal handcrafted yet utopian settlement of the hanging lights, through the exquisite aim of Sound and Voice Lightings, sparkled up that winter wedding!

When a flower grows wild, it can always survive. Jim Labrako, Wedding Floral Designer, informed the association of the lavender lush, the pale roses and green flora, with the values of eternal devotion and long-lasting affection. Holding the wedding bouquet, the groom awaits the bride, to deliver and relocate those values. Below the garnished wedding arch, Amber in a fairy wedding gown, and Thomas in a time-honored silvery groom suit, establish their common new values.

The first sound of the geese, flying in the stormy gray lake, will soon be heard, symbolizing the love routes which never vary, and will never, year after year!

‘Where he leads, she’ll follow’.

As feautured in Sisters in Law

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