Wedding in Corfu Island

The orchid is a flower that blooms so tenderly, to thrill the fairest lady of the land. If placed beside a blushing rose, the rose could not compare.

Previously a favored retreat for royalty, the rose-Corfu, this island hideaway, provides the perfect setting, even for not such a traditional, yet special wedding ceremony. Lady Farah and Wael, came all over from Lebanon, to Corfu, the island of eternal style and grace. Wael seems to overlook an orchid, while searching for a rose, the orchid he overlooked was his wife for a lifetime! Accompanying them, as their wedding photographer in Corfu, it could not be more than a great an honor and escape, into their love story as well as in the magic of the Venetian architecture, with unobstructed views of the Ionian sea.

Crystal waters, lush gardens and blooming flora, fine aesthetic, deservedly called the Royal Choice, characterize Grecotel Corfu Imperial, their pre-wedding venue and preparation hall. Our two fresh royalties, alongside with their beloved friends and family, prepared for their special day, in that exclusive resort, which achieved to host their abundant joy and euphoria. Corfu Wedding Planner, attained an impressive rather pompous, yet exquisitely elegant wedding arrangement.

Enduring and sustaining, their laughter and delight, powdered the green pathways through the gardens of their wedding holiday spot, located in the private peninsula of Kommeno. There, the Orchid (Farah) with her dear bridesmaids, and Wael with his cherished groomsmen, got on board, and sailed to the miniature natural heaven of island Vido, that oasis of unparalleled genuine raw beauty, where Farah would bloom in bliss, again and again, every time Wael stared at her. Clear light settings with gold details and ivory candled tops, welcomed them, to one of the most remarkable nights. Any rose he was searching for, has proved to be untrue, the orchid now he finds is dearly her.