Throwing rice to them after their wedding ceremony by the rocks.



I’ll start by saying that this Wedding in Ios, Greece was a study on love. Modern or old fashioned, flirty or steadfast; love is a mystery. Even for people who get to see it every day, each couple is so unique, so different. However, one thing in common ( and a safe sign that there is love) is the look in the lovers’ eyes.
Maya and Nathan’s wedding was a chic alternative yet minimal boho destination wedding on the rocks of Harmony Ios, practically on the sea. They had impeccable style and aesthetics and freedom in their every move and look. It was a movie kind of thing, an affair filled with crazy love, music, dancing, tears of joy. Put simply it was a wedding filled with life – and popcorn! Yes, you heard that right – being the wonderful souls these two are they opted for biodegradable wedding confetti that would feed the fish and the seagulls as soon as the ceremony was over. It looked like snow, it was magic!
Listening to the words of Nathan and Maya in front of their relatives and friends on their wedding in Ios, Greece moved me and I realized that in a relationship built on love even the difficulties would only strengthen it even more. Please allow me to incorporate Maya’s Love Letter/ wedding vows to Nathan to inspire you to write your own or simple a sign of a love letter I imagine everyone would love to receive one way or another.

“They say that opposites attract, and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to us. You are the calmest person I know, sometimes I think that when I get stressed and worked up, it actually calms you down even more. You always make me feel like I am going to be ok like we are going to be ok. You always make me laugh, no matter how mad you have made me the second before! I am so proud of our journey so far and the life we ​​have built together. There’s been perfect bliss, and there’s been challenging times, but it’s never been short of love and laughter! I promise to always fight for us when times get tough and never let you face a day alone. I promise to never make you question your own self-worth.”

I don’t think that there is anything else more to be said about Maya and Nathan’s destination wedding in Ios, Greece other than these two are lucky to have found and loved each other. Meeting your soulmate is not always magic. It’s the hard work, the challenging times, the choice you have to constantly make in loving each other. The effort is what makes love magical, and the sheer moments of passion in between.

Thank you, Maya and Nathan, for trusting me with your wedding day and showing me some of your love. I believe it will be a grand one!

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