Wedding in Peloponnese: The Best Wedding Locations


The Peloponnese is an amazing destination to have a wedding and the peninsula is the stuff of legends. Literally. It is here that Hercules fought the Nemean lion and gods walked the earth, meddling in mortal affairs; it’s from here that Paris of Troy eloped with Helen and the Argonauts set sail in search of the Golden Fleece. This place, which geographically has the shape of a plane tree leaf, has many famous archaeological sites, seaside places, gorgeous beaches, castles, and ski centers. In one word, it has everything for a memorable destination wedding in the Peloponnese and all-season trips. 

Historically, it has been the main field of action for Greece since prehistoric times. In fact, it hosts the most important archaeological sites of Greece, including Olympia, Epidaurus, and Mycenae. Filoxenia (hospitality) is as strong here as anywhere in the country; the food is among Greece’s best, and the region’s vineyards are contributing to Greece’s wine renaissance. Locals claim to have the best of everything to give. And that’s no myth.

Celestial and mythological charms aside, this region bears tangible traces of the many civilizations that once called it home, witnessed in its classical temples, Mycenaean palaces, Byzantine cities, and Ottoman, Frankish, and Venetian fortresses. Peloponnese is the most popular region of the Greek mainland in terms of tourism and weddings. The close distance to Athens by car, the beautiful resorts, and the interesting sightseeing attract many couples that wish to have a wedding in Peloponnese Greece all year round.

Surrounded by sea from all sides, the region provides amazing beaches where couples can have a dreamy beach wedding. The most famous areas include Nafplion, Mani, Kalamata, Monemvasia, Gythio, and Pylos. This Peloponnese wedding guide will give you all the necessary information to organize your picture perfect wedding in the Peloponnese.

Wedding in Nafplion Greece

Nafplion is among the most romantic towns in Greece and a dreamy location to have a wedding in the Peloponnese. It is geographically located on the eastern side of the peninsula. With intense Medieval style and only 2 hours drive from Athens, this is a popular wedding destination. The Old Town is a marvel to walk around with elegant mansions and large alleys, while on the hill above the Old Town is the magnificent Palamidi Fortress and Bourtzi Castle dating from the Venetian ages. Many lovely beaches are found in the region to host a summer wedding in Nafplion, as well as stunning venues like the Opora Country Living (check out this stunning wedding inspiration in Opora) and Nafplia Palace.

Couple portrait after wedding in Greece - Groom is hugging his bride in Opora Nafplio Bridal organic wedding bouquet inspiration in Greece - Florals by Jim Labrako

Wedding in Mani

Covering the central peninsula in the south of the Peloponnese, the Mani is a wild, rugged region perfect for a wedding! From the steep foothills of the snow-tipped Taÿgetos Mountains to the pristine coastal coves, and from the tiny villages nestling amid olive groves, connected by threads of walking trails, to the arid landscapes in the south of the peninsula, this location is perfect for your wedding in Peloponnese. Speckled with abandoned stone towers, Mani has some of the most dramatic and varied scenery in the Peloponnese, much of it still wonderfully under-explored. A wedding in Mani is simply divine!

The Outer Mani, with the pretty coastal villages of Kardamyli and Stoupa, is now well known for offering a more authentic wedding experience than many of the islands! One of the prettiest venues for a wedding in Mani is Petra & Fos , a stunning Boutique Hotel and Spa, perfect as a wedding venue or honeymoon destination!

Wedding in Kalamata

For couples in love with the idea of having a wedding in the Peloponnese, Kalamata is a lovely and much soughed after choice. A wedding in Kalamata will give you and your guest an amazing cultural experience. 

Kalamata, famous worldwide for its olives, is Messinia’s capital and the second-largest city in the Peloponnese. For a wedding experience there, you’ll discover a long beach, amazing restaurants, good shopping, lively nightlife, and some excellent museums. The point of reference par excellence in the city of Kalamata is the legendary “castle of Isabeau” where the renowned International Dance Festival takes place every year. It is amphitheatrically constructed on the site of the Farai acropolis offering a bird’s eye view of the city. I would love to be your wedding photographer in the Peloponnese and help you with your wedding in Kalamata. One amazing venue there would be Akrotiri Venue! Inspired? Check out this amazing wedding in Kalamata I had the honor to capture a few years back!

Wedding in Monemvasia

Monemvasia in Greece is one of the most romantic places in the country and one of the prettiest destinations to have a wedding the Peloponnese. Monemvasia is a Medieval Castle Town, exclusively carved on the slopes of a rock, and in my experience, as a wedding photographer in the Peloponnese, it’s simply stunning. This fantastic place was originally constructed in the Medieval Ages and has been continuously inhabited since then. Today most of the old mansions have been converted into guesthouses and boutique hotels, perfect for a wedding. Outside the Rock, there is a new modern town with many tourist facilities. Wedding Holidays in Monemvasia can be combined with a honeymoon to Gythio, Mystras, Neapolis, and other regions of south Peloponnese – talk about the dream!

A walk around the paved streets of the castle town is like a trip back in time. The elegant stone mansions and the Byzantine churches, such as the church of Agia Sofia and Christ Elkomenos. I love every time I get to capture the couples’ portraits in the breathtaking sea view from the top of the Castle after their wedding. 

A stunning wedding location in the Peloponnese is Kisterna hotel where I had the pleasure of working many times. The Kinsterna Hotel is a Byzantine-era rural mansion that was painstakingly restored with great respect to its long history, with the intent to establish a comprehensive settlement encompassing the main mansion and surrounding houses. As part of its renovation, all activities that took place in the past on the premises were revived. In this context, private label products including wine, extra virgin olive oil, olives, tsipouro (a Greek spirit), bread, and marmalade are now being produced on-site.

Kinsterna hotel wedding venue in Greece with water lily pond kinsterna wedding hotel one of the most beautiful wedding locations in greece. Table setup for 80guests

The hotel is tucked away in the folds of the lush hillside, with privileged views of the Medieval Castle’s Rock of Monemvasia and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. The restored Byzantine-era rural mansion offers unique rooms, atmospheric suites, and autonomous residences and blends magically into the surrounding vineyards, timeless olive groves, imposing eucalyptuses, and the lofty cypresses, within an estate of 18 acres. The hotel is simply divine for a wedding.

Portrait from destination wedding photographer in kinsterna hotel monemvasia vasilis kouroupis kinsterna hotel wedding photographer in greece vasilis kouroupis destination photograpy

Wedding in Gythio

A wedding in Gythio is ideal for couples that want to experience a modern experience. Gythio is a beautiful fishing town on the southern side of the Peloponnese, perfect for that Mamma Mia greek wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Gythio is surrounded by nice beaches and constitutes a convenient base for day excursions in the region of Laconia and a lovely wedding destination. 

Monemvasia castle rock landscape photograph. Blue sea and the Monemvasia rock.

Mavrovouni is the most beautiful and longest beach close to Gythio, where the sea turtles Caretta-caretta go to lay their eggs in summer. Fish taverns and beautiful mansions line up the port of Gythio, from where there is a ferry connection to Kythira and Crete. A wedding in Gythio can be combined with a honeymoon to Monemvasia, Kythira, Kalamata, Mystras, and other regions of the Peloponnese.

Couple's portrait with a white horse in kinsterna hotel wedding venue Portrait for the bride with a white horse after their wedding in Kinsterna hotel in Greece

Former port of Sparta in antiquity, the town of Gythio Greece has a long history and many interesting sites, perfect to give your wedding in the Peloponnese a cultural twist. On a hill above the town, there is an ancient theatre, while the islet of Kranae right at the entrance port hosts a lighthouse and a traditional tower of Mani. Many such towers can be found in the region, although many of them are not well-preserved. Sightseeing and windsurfing are the most popular things to do in the region and lovely pre or post-wedding experiences. 

The main beach of Gythio is Mavrovouni, a large bay with golden sand and crystal water, ideal for a beach wedding. Many other beaches are found in the region, with clean water and relaxing ambiance. Due to its central location, a wedding holiday in Gythio can be combined with road trips to Mani, Diros Caves, Areopoli, Monemvasia, and Mystras! 

Wedding in Navarino

The bеautiful seаside town оf Pylos is on thе sоuthwest cοast of Рelopоnnеse, in a lаrge bay known as Nаvarino Bay. Navarinо wаs thе Italian nаme οf Pуlos and to this day is one of the most beautiful destinations to have a wedding in the Peloponnese

Pylos has а rich histоrу dating baсk tο the Mycеneаn period whеn it was the кingdоm οf Nestor. After that it wаs Byzantinе, Frank, Venetiаn and Ottoman rulе, аs it was finallу liberаted in 1827 aftеr a bаttle кnоwn as the Вattlе οf Nаvarino. The prеsence of thе соnquerοrs is still felt in thе neoclassicаl arсhitecturе оf many buildings аnd the two castles of Pуlоs. 

beautiful Mykonos beaches in Greece


In Pylos, you will find the fine establishment of Costa Navarino, which is perfect for a truly luxurious wedding day. Costa Navarino Hotel is a sustainable, premium development in the southwest Peloponnese, set amidst one of Greece’s most beautiful and untouched landscapes. With unspoiled beaches, sapphire waters, ancient olive groves, and picturesque villages, the Messinae region is a quiet corner of Greece, the perfect escape from the busy summertime islands and yet unrivaled in its luxury offerings.

Wedding portrait into an olive garden, couple’s portrait into green nature. Smiling talking and laughing. Organic wedding inspiration in Greece

A wedding in Navarino will leave you and your guests feeling amazed at the beauty of the surroundings and the luxury of the services in the area, take it from a wedding photographer in the Peloponnese. Combine your wedding in Navarino with a honeymoon all around the Peloponnese peninsula.

Hosting a Wedding in the Peloponnese

To me personally, as a wedding photographer in the Peloponnese, a wedding there is equally charming as a wedding in the Greek islands. For couples inspired by the unique landscape of the Peloponnese and the love for olive groves, traditional architecture, and the golden highlight of summer in this part of Greece, a wedding in the Peloponnese is a celebration and a culture trip all at once. Especially for those loving olive trees and their calming shades, Peloponnese is filled with the trees of life! Nurtured by sunlight, valued for their resilience and beauty the olive groves in the Peloponnese are a stunning feature and the perfect background for a Mediterranean wedding day! You will simply love Peloponnese, and according to your style, you can find the location that speaks the most to your style. I would love to help you where I can in making sure your wedding day is crowned in beauty and beautiful light!

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