Wedding Venues in Greece

March 22, 2020

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Wedding Venues in Greece

Remembering some lyrics from Frank and Nancy Sinatra, ‘…the time is right, your perfume fills my head, the stars get red and oh. the night’s so blue…’, we happen to see that the venue might not was the proper one for that night! If you are planning your destination wedding in Greece, we highly recommend you that the choice of your wedding venues, should not be like that song, aka ‘Something Stupid’.

Especially if you are travelling from abroad, and you have seen or visited your wedding destination country, Greece, just a couple of times, your inspiration is quite limited, probably attached to some photos or tourist guides that came to your sight.

wedding venues in Greece

Inspiration for your wedding venue in Greece, surely, will flow from your dreams on your special day… we all have imagined how and where that moment would take place, not mentioning the movies we have watched!

Accommodating that dreamy inspiration to reality, can be really tricky and exhausting, since if you fall in the trap, you might get lost into information, opinions, photos, venue’s websites, blogs, Instagram accounts, memories of your last trip to Mediterranean with your friends, etc. No worries! We’ve all been through that!

Wedding vendors, like destination wedding photographers, wedding planners, videographers, decorators and even make up artists, may give you some proper feedback for the venues you have in mind.

We, located in Greece, have travelled almost in every corner of that country of sun and sea, are here, to present you some main choices and offer you inspiration, for wedding venues in Greece that are seaside, offer a marvellous view, or a more isolated and private hall. You see, Greece offers a quite wide range of choices, all unique and enchanting.

Wedding venues in Greece Sifnos Wedding venues in santorini Greece


Getting married in Greece, is the term of a beachfront wedding on a sandy seashore!

Greek islands like Mykonos, offer that kind of wedding venue, you may have dreamt of! On a sandy waterfront of unparalleled beauty in Mykonos, Alemagou Beach, wedding venue in Greece offers a stoned rustic atmosphere, which harmonises with the idyllic white and blue lines of the Cycladic island. You can enjoy our recent wedding in Mykonos.

Portrait of a couple after their wedding in Alemagou beach wedding venue in Greece


Nearby Athens, Spetses, that traditional yet cosmopolitan small island, lights the hallway for Kaiki Beach Bar, an enchanting beach wedding venue in Greece, which will host your wedding party below the allure summer sparkling stars!

Decoration with lemons on the reception of the wedding venue in Greece Kaiki Beach in Spetses. Portrait of elegant and classy couple after their wedding in Greece. Wedding venue kaiki in Spetses.

Closer in the heart of the city centre, at the famous and exotic Athenian Riviera, Island arises on the seafront of Varkiza. The ideal location on the Athens Riviera, the southern suburbs of Athens, harmoniously pairing with the exquisite aesthetics of both interior & exterior spaces of that event facility complex. It is a unique environment for precious and unforgettable events and occasions. Island offers as well, a great sea view above the shore!

Kaiki spetses wedding venue in Greece. A'kaiki' boat to transfer your guests to the venue 


So, if you have dreamt of a dreamy view on your wedding day, except that of your beloved one, and you are not in the mood of walking on the sand, several places offer that choice!

Of course, Santorini is our top pick offering so many choices for your wedding venue in Greece! Not only the safest since there is no inch of that Greek island, which does not serve the option of a marvellous sight through the Aegean sea. Dreaming up of an iconic venue to tie the knot, Venetsanos Winery is our recommendation for a delicate and unforgettable ceremony and reception venue!

A rustic, hilltop spot of Dana villas in Santorini, could not seize better a sense, for an imaginary fragrance and scent of a memorable wedding in Greece. There you may experience the most elegant and imposing memories and images, like a phenomenon worth waiting!

Dana villas wedding venue in Santorini Greece

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, recently was announced as the most famous hotel on Instagram. That legendary venue draws world travellers into a seductive realm of sensuous pleasures. It is located near Chora, the main town of Mykonos island, offering a sense of flying or sailing above the endless blue sea.

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If you are dreaming of not such an outdoor/open-air wedding ceremony or reception venue, indoor and more isolated wedding venues are on the bucket list!

There are several private villas which are isolated and may have a pool rather a sea-view, and many more hotel ballrooms which can host your winter wedding venue.


Our top pick for the more isolated wedding venues are Hotels like Kinsterna. With a Tuscan aesthetic arising through the main buildings of that adorable resort in Monemvasia, a couple may find their wedding nest there. That marvellous Resort, has endless olive groves, and magnificent stone halls where guests can settle in and share the joy.

A winter wedding venue, may serve the though of snowy hills and wood chalets. Kazarma Hotel, located in the Switzerland of Greece, at Lake Plastira, hosts exquisitely your thoughts for your indoor winter or spring wedding!

Combining the pleasures of cosmopolitan Nafplio, with the incomparable beauty and tranquillity of the countryside, Opora Country Living, offers a great spot for a traditional, organic, luxury wedding, through an isolated Hotel Resort in the first Capital of Greece.

Bride wearing her wedding dress designed by made bride Antonea in an organic wedding in Opora Nafplio Greece

On one of our favourite islands, even if it is not located in the famous Cyclades, a hidden private paradise settle. The miniature natural heaven of island Vido, in Corfu Ioanian sea,  that oasis of unparallel genuine raw beauty, combines an isolated wedding venue, a seafront view and an isolated place to host your special day!

So before planning your destination wedding in Greece, we highly recommend, to take a glimpse through some wedding portfolios or editorials. Even better, ask a destination wedding professional, like a wedding planner to help you through!